Masia el Altet Extra virgin olive oil


Cocoa Criollo and Trinitario varieties

Flower of the salt

From the Mediterranean sea, salt enhances the natural flavors

Extra Virgin olive oil
Flower of Salt
Mediterranean sea
The healthiest chocolate in the world

The healthiest chocolate in the world

With only 3 main ingredients, OL CHOCO SAL is the first chocolate, made of dark chocolate enriched with Masía el Altet extra vigin olive oil and small flakes of salt.
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Vegan
  • NO gluten
  • NO palm oil
  • NO trans fat
A different chocolate!
OL CHOCO SAL is a unique, different and very special chocolate.

Its inside has a very creamy texture and you can identify the characteristic nuances of our extra virgin olive oil in perfect harmony with the chocolate and salt enhancing its taste in a natural way.

These chocolates are made with great love and attention, in a totally traditional way, one by one, for a select and exclusive market.

Our constant challenge and obsession has been to find a product which is one hundred per cent natural and healthy, respecting the environment.

The healthiest chocolate in the world
Temperature Preservation
<5ºC 2 years
5ºC - 20ºC 1 year
>25ºC Refrigerate

*We recommend eating them at a temperature of 18º-20ºC


Microbiologically, these chocolates are very robust, they are immortal.

Organoleptically, how to store them varies depending on temperature.

Chocolate, from 25ºC upwards begins to soften and from 30ºC upwards to melt. For that reason, it is highly recommendable that it is kept in it´s original jar sealed in a refrigerator if temperatures are going to be higher. In this case, it´s a good idea to take the chocolates out of the fridge before eating.


To fully enjoy the sensations, which we are proposing, we suggest:

Put the sweet into your mouth whole. After a few seconds, your palate will start to be dominated by the intensity of the cocoa and when you bite into it, there will be an explosion of flavours, giving way to slightly salted nuances until protagonism is given to the extra virgin olive oil inside.

The healthiest chocolate in the world